2016 Ohio Marijuana possibilities

It would be nice if something like this is actually drafted and gets on the ballot! Unlike last year’s Issue 3, this would allow for smaller growers to have a fighting chance in the market place.  However it would create a lot of “grey” area until all the small issues are figured out! For more information as it comes to us, follow us on Twitter!

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Cannabis as an Anti-bacterial agent!

Over the years I have heard a lot about this from many different people.  Using compressions and lotions for skin cancer and open wounds.  It’s nice to finally find a well put together article about it.  It seems that there is still much to be learned about marijuana and it’s many uses! Treating everything from Lyme disease to MRSA and Cancer.  I’ve also read that it helps battle fungus as well!  Clearly there is more research needed to really find out what all it can do!  This needs to be removed as a schedule 1 narcotic!  What do you think? What have you treated with cannabis? Stop by and leave us a comment!

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Fired for failing a piss test

First off I have many feelings about this.  I can see both side of the argument and I would not want someone coming in to my business so high they couldn’t work! However this rarely would happen! I also feel that what someone does privately is none of their jobs business.  And furthermore I believe a lot of jobs can be done while someone is high.  There are even some jobs done better while high.  Like your garbage man.  Think he likes his job? Think it smells great? Or is always warm? No!!! I bet he would love to smoke a joint before going to work.  I bet it would make him feel better about his life.  Or the waitress that just got stiffed on a $100 tab? I bet she would be calmer and nicer after smoking a bowl.  Here do you stand on this topic? Leave us a comment and let’s get the conversation started!

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No Fine and No Jail Time

I have been reading a lot about this law lately and it makes me want to move to Toledo, Ohio.  This law looks like it will protect so many small growers in Toledo from the state and federal authorities.  A gag order to restrain the city police from alerting other authorities who may be able to do something! Wish the whole state would do something similar.  There is so much more to this bill that I’ve decided to post the entire bill that passed instead of an article.  This bill is short but it helps the smaller, local, Ohioan growers! Would this be a good thing for all of Ohio?  Or would it just put us back a step? Stop by and leave us a comment!!

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Created with The GIMP
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Prices of Pot

The prices of pot are going to very everywhere.  There is a lot more than just location that go into setting a price though.  Costs are higher in some places and supply in lower at certain times of year.  I have found that around Christmas time, there is always a boat load of available product.  As a grower I could time my crop to harvest December 1st to have great product for xmas presents.  So there are quite a few things that help the market fluctuate.  I have posted a link below to average prices per state/city below.  It has some good info and you can see where there is a flooded market too.  Take a look.  What do you think influences the market the most?  The cops? Leave us a comment!!

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Is this right? Should this be allowed?

The following article is very disturbing.  Not only has a state, that one does not reside in, take a families children, but won’t let them return to the family until the father pass’s piss test’s for 4 months.  That’s ridiculous!!! And it was the wife’s mom who took the kids to the police station! What a dysfunctional woman!!!  You separate me from my kids for 9 months….Don’t you dare call me family!!! What do you think? Do you agree with me?  Would you take your grandchildren to the cops over some weed? Boo this lady!!! Anyway please leave a comment for us!

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Makes me feel like these guys never left…..

RSO recipe

This article contains a common RSO recipe.  RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) can be used to aid in treating many different conditions.  It helps with pain and to battle cancer.  I started with this recipe a few years ago when it first came out.  Since then I modified it a bit to help increase the purity of the product.  Please take time to read the article and share it with everyone you can!! Check out our crowdfunding campaign Here

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PTSD and Cannabis

I have felt for years that marijuana would help people with PTSD.  It’s psychoactive properties would allow someone to not focus on some specific things in the past that may act as triggers.  It also allows someone to relax and step back so to say.  I would not look to CBD for aid here, however I would recommend smoking some THC to help with the issues.  Also eating it would really help with sleeping.  The current problem is veterans will lose their benefits if they are caught with THC in their systems.  Which means there has been very little testing with PTSD patients.  What do you think? Do you have PTSD and smoke pot? Does it help? Stop on by and leave us a comment!!

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CBD needs THC

I keep trying to tell people that when consuming CBD oils, it’s best to get an oil from a marijuana grower who knows what their doing.  Most of the time you can ask for a high CBD low THC strain and they will have it. I’m not positive the science behind it but from what I have seen the THC helps with absorption/bonding even at low levels.  This will also help the person slowly build a tolerance for THC so they won’t be so high in the future.  There is a need for THC in the CBD solutions.  What do you think?  Do you have any experience with this?  Please leave a comment for us!!

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Gardening is Therapeutic

I have always felt this way.  I always enjoyed waking up and checking on the ladies, making sure to take care of their needs.  It’s so relaxing sitting in your garden, with crops you have grown, with love, and pruning them.  It may seem like a tedious task but I didn’t mind.  When working in large production facilities this is normally done at a much faster rate with many more people.  It still is therapeutic, sculpting the plants the way you want.  What do you think?  Would you do more gardening if it relaxed you?? Please leave a comment!

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