Marijuana Recalls

This has been a huge issue in my mind for a number of years.  When I first got Denver I found many places using class 4 and class 5 pesticides when they shouldn’t be.  That was a huge reason why I didn’t work for more dispensaries.  Recently the laws changed and required more and more lab testing that proved me right.  There are many places that only care about the dollar.  At first they were able to get away with anything, but as the market/laws have changed so has the quality of product one receives.  Today more and more people want organic or guaranteed pesticide or residual free marijuana.  If your a home grower it is extremely important to know what about the pesticides you use! Some stay in a plants system for around 60 days.  A product known at Eagle 20 has been highlighted in the news recently as it was present in some flower being sold.  This is a neurotoxin that stays in a plants system for at least 56 days.  It is a very harmful product if used incorrectly.  However under the right conditions the same product works miracles! Azamax is an organic pesticide that stays in the plants system as well.  Just because something is organic doesn’t make it safe! You have to know what your using inside and out! Read MSDS and learn how to properly use it and how to protect yourself.  And if your purchasing marijuana or products from some where, it is best to know the source well.  That’s hard on the black market but that will change with legalization! Knowledge is power! Educate yourself! Stop by and leave us a comment!

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