Epilepsy and CBD

Out in Colorado it is commonly known that CBD extracts help with epileptic seizures and seizures of other sorts.  Many people benefit on a daily basis in Colorado because of the laws and the availability of such medicines.  For instance, The Stanley Brothers, producers of a strain called Charolette’s Web, are major players in the CBD world in Colorado.  They provide CBD oil at low costs to families in need!  They have helped thousands of people.  That is right here in this country.  1400 miles ease of my current location.  Our laws within the country are so different it forces many people to move just to be healthy.  That is NOT right.  This has to change.  We need to come together and vote in some sort of Marijuana law this year.  Every one should have access to Marijuana.  Stop by and let us know how you feel about this subject?  Should these laws change? Or do you agree with how things are now?

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