Marijuana and Financial Aid

This has been a touchy subject for years.  It used to be any drug related conviction led to a loss of financial aid.  The article states it made it very hard to get aid however I remember people just losing their aid all together and being forced out of school.  This bill has truly ruined peoples lives or chances due to minor offenses.  If you had a gram of weed and a pipe in your pocket, boom your done.  Back to mom and dads house looking for a fast food or landscaping job.  It’s good to see things are finally starting to change.  Its been a long time coming but hopefully in the next few years we can federally legalize the medical use all together.  Decriminalize it, legalize it, what ever we can do to stop the persecution! What do you think? How do you feel? How were you effected by this? Stop by and leave us a comment!

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