Meeting Senators in Cleveland

Today was the first meeting in which elected officials have sat down and listened to the public opinion on marijuana.  There were around 150 people present, out of that maybe 35 people spoke directly to the Senators.  I was lucky enough to be one of those 35.  I was able to get some of my points expressed but failed on others due to time restraints.  Hopefully I will have another chance and possibly more time to tell my full story.  There is absolutely no reason for marijuana to be illegal anywhere! What do you think? Drop by and tell us your story!

Here’s my story….It’s very hard to tell and most have never heard it!

Members of the task force, distinguished guests, first let me start by thanking you for being here today. I appreciate your help in this movement as this is a historical time for our wonderful state.  My name is Stan Gorski. I’m a lifetime Ohio resident and I have been growing marijuana professionally and privately for nearly 10 years now.

I first started growing marijuana in October of 2006, after my mom was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, a horribly debilitating type of Cancer, and after my entire family had all but exhausted our life savings on her traditional medical treatments. My mom’s name was Mary Jo Gorski.  She was a great woman, but she was in terrible pain every day.  She was on an experimental pill form of chemotherapy that besides the pain, caused her to have multiple doctors’ visits per week. On some days she couldn’t walk and we would often find her crawling from her bed to the couch in the family room. As you could imagine this was unbearably difficult for me as a teenager, and the oldest son, to bear.

Eventually my mom couldn’t take care of herself and needed hospice care. She would hold us kids and cry, saying that she knew she was going to die, and we knew she was right.  Back in 2006 there were no real treatments for cancer. So to just manage her pain, the doctors would literally fill her up with all sorts of narcotics from Percocet, OxyContin, Demerol to fentanyl and  morphine. Companies profited off of my mother’s sickness, but they did not help her. All of those drugs combined would basically put her in her own little world.  She hated them.  She didn’t know what was going on part of the time.  Other times she couldn’t even open her eyes.  It got to the point that she had such a buildup of the drugs in her system that they started to work less and less.  As the months progressed and the pain got worse, my mom was running out of options to help with the pain, the lack of appetite, and also with issues sleeping, as the drugs kept her awake nightly.

So as her pain increased, she looked for other alternatives to treating that pain. My mom was not against marijuana, in fact she felt it was safer than alcohol and the medications. She looked at me one day with pain in her eyes and asked me to get some for her to try. I said “Of course I’ll go get you some mom”.  From the first day she said she was feeling better and better. So she started smoking more and more, even throughout the day, in the mornings while watching the news, and before bed.

Now, please remember marijuana was, and still is, highly illegal, so the prices on the black market have always been exorbitantly high, up to $500 per ounce of smokable marijuana.  So as she smoked more and more, it cost us more and more as a family, and me more dangerous trips to seedy parts of Ohio.  It got to the point that I decided to finally start growing marijuana for her myself. It is worth mentioning that my family has a long history in horticulture and my father was a distinguished professor of Horticulture at The Ohio State University for over 20 years. Gardening comes naturally to us, and even though it’s illegal, there aren’t many of us in this room who wouldn’t break the law to ease the suffering of their own mother. Unfortunately due to the amount of time it took me to learn the techniques, get the materials, and how quickly cancer can kill, my mom passed away on March 17, 2007, weeks before my first crop ever saw the light of day.

Since then I moved across the country to Colorado, and got into the industry fully legally. I got investors, I poured through dozens of books, I attended seminars, I met other experts and honed my craft. I have worked on large scale operations and even with small private grows.  I have produced and consulted on the production of literally every kind of   concentrate or edible product.  I have spent my own money to donate oils and other concentrates to people with incredibly vast symptoms and issues.  I have worked with military Chaplains whose children have cancer.  I have aided tearful mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  I have provided my fellow man with other options and seen them prosper.

What I can honestly say is that marijuana has helped every single one of them.  Marijuana has so many uses.  Every day there is a new research study out showing something marijuana can help with.  There are studies showing marijuana helps with migraines, epilepsy, glaucoma, cancer, PTSD and nearly 200 other ailments.

I have friends that smoke marijuana for instant relief of anxiety.  I have other friends that eat cannabis oil for long-term pain relief.  I have a friend in New York that eats cannabis oil for his internal skin cancer.  His first time using it, he said it was so much better that what he was prescribed. Unfortunately New York has awful marijuana legislation and he is unable to find a steady supply so he is not currently using it anymore and in pain again.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s a completely cliché thing to hear.  Marijuana is in fact illegal and a schedule 1 narcotic, therefore it’s harder to get, driving the cost and risks of doing so through the roof.  This prevents many people from trying these alternatives and their effects.

Just last year, around May, my father informed us kids, there are 3 of us, that he was also diagnosed with Cancer, this time stage 1 Brain Cancer.  It was a completely different type of cancer, but also one that I had seen out in Colorado affecting many patients of cannabis medicinals.  I had been reading about all sorts of different, new studies surrounding brain cancer and cannabis and I was pleasantly surprised to hear such good results.

Cannabis was actually a good option for us because it was readily available in Denver, and I had been making concentrates for quite a while.  I’ve had my concentrates professionally lab tested and I grew the marijuana myself, so I knew it was good clean oil.  I gave my father enough oil to follow a 90 day treatment regiment, approximately 60grams.  Now I’m not going to bore you with specifics, right now, but as of this past Christmas, my father is cancer free. This was an extremely truiumphant moment for me as the oldest son. I don’t take credit and say I saved my father’s life, but I do believe marijuana did.

So today I stand before you, a free man, in a supposedly free country, with absolutely no criminal record. I live in a country where we should be allowed to grow a medicinal plant to treat own issues, instead of having to pay for pharmaceuticals that don’t always work, and often have extremely negative side effects. A country where we should be able to help ourselves and our neighbors. A country that yes, has always lead the world on progressive reform and modernity, but is currently stuck in the dark ages when it comes to marijuana legalization.

Ohio has always been, and always will be a major swing state for politics in America. Because of this, I recently moved back to Ohio to use my expertise to help educate people and aid the Ohio marijuana movement. I am currently setting up my own consultancy, Gorski Grows, that will produce and hold seminars and educational classes focusing on empowering my fellow Ohioans with the tools they need to produce this product when it becomes legal to do so.

I personally saw the massive learning curve in Colorado from the day Marijuana became legalized and how many mistakes were made. Besides the educational courses that I am developing, I am also seeking funding to start Ohio’s first ever Marijuana Growing Supply Store in Columbus, once it is legal to do so. The store will import expert products, growing methodologies and techniques from the West as well as host world renown experts for seminars and events right here in Ohio. All of this adds up to teaching men to fish, not just giving them fish, which is what the current medical industry does. I am here today because I want to do away with all the myths that marijuana is only for “stoners” in Ohio. We are living in the past.

In California people have been cured by cannabis for over 20 years. It is common knowledge there that this is truly medicine, it’s not a joke.  Everyone in this room could possibly benefit from the use of marijuana and I want to help make that a reality.  I have focused the last 10 years of my life around marijuana and helping people and I hope to focus my remaining years on that same thing, right here in my home state.  No one else needs to suffer like my mother did. Let’s make this happen!

Thank you for your time,

Stan Gorski

CEO, Gorski Grows Consulting



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