Unequalities in our society

I have mixed feelings about a video I watched a few minutes ago. It shows an elected official admitting to acquiring and administering marijuana oil to kids in Georgia. I’m all for it, but I just want to point out that if that was any normal person, they would be in handcuffs. That’s a few felonies at least and some federal offenses! He was trafficking an illegal narcotic across state lines and providing it to kids. That’s a couple felonies and punishable by 10+ years in prison. However he won’t ever see a day in jail. If it was anyone else, if it was the Stanley brothers in Colorado, they would go to jail for taking it to another illegal state and distributing it to kids. What do you think?  Should he be arrested for what he is admitting to? Or should other people be released from jail for doing the same thing? Stop by and leave us a comment!

To watch the 2min video please Click Here!

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