Fired for failing a piss test

First off I have many feelings about this.  I can see both side of the argument and I would not want someone coming in to my business so high they couldn’t work! However this rarely would happen! I also feel that what someone does privately is none of their jobs business.  And furthermore I believe a lot of jobs can be done while someone is high.  There are even some jobs done better while high.  Like your garbage man.  Think he likes his job? Think it smells great? Or is always warm? No!!! I bet he would love to smoke a joint before going to work.  I bet it would make him feel better about his life.  Or the waitress that just got stiffed on a $100 tab? I bet she would be calmer and nicer after smoking a bowl.  Here do you stand on this topic? Leave us a comment and let’s get the conversation started!

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