Energy Efficiency

In today’s world with the laws how they are, being energy efficient is very hard but border impossible without huge amounts of money upfront.  If you are a private person there are some government programs that help one obtain solar panels for their home.  That is a good way but normally an expensive out of pocket cost.  Then you have to wait for our slow government to reimburse you.  Other option would be wind power.  But that’s even more expensive and takes years to recoup moneys.  So wind in all reality is not a very good option unless your in an extremely windy area.  Hydro would be my choice but how many people have the space and ability to build any sort of hydroelectric generator.  I have seen some really cool ones but they have tons of motors, lots of moving parts and fairly expensive.  There are some ways that you can recirculate water using a pump, and let gravity force the water over a pinwheel inside pvc.  With the right height this would generate more power than put in.  But it would not generate enough power to run a grow.  What do you think? Please leave comments below.  Also check us out on Twitter and Facebook!!

For access to the entire article from High Times please click heremarijuana-269851_960_720


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